Farmers & Growers

Bean Pole Farm

Bean Pole Farm is a highly diversified small-scale vegetable farm in Chatham, MI. The mission of Bean Pole Farm is to provide a full farm-to-table experience including quality, nutrient-dense produce, a whole-diet variety of crops and meaningful, interactive relationships with customers while mainlining a productive fertile soil.

Bean Pole Farm tomatoes Bean Pole Farm display inside 11-7-15

Blueberry Knoll

Blueberry Knoll is a local farm producing all natural, old fashioned farm products, including eggs, as well as honey, wool and garden vegetables and fruits. Blueberry Knoll Farm produce 9-14-13
  Blueberry Knoll walking sticks

BSB Farms

BSB Farms  is a family owned, pastured poultry farm. All birds are free range and are able to dust bathe, fly, perch, scratch, eat bugs and get outdoors. There are no antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides-just fresh eggs and chickens.

Cold Weather Farms

Cold Weather Farms is a small family farm located in Skandia that raises a variety of naturally grown produce as well as pastured-fed pigs, lamb and chicken. They also make soaps and lotions with milk from our family goats. Cold Weather Farm 2015 Oct
Cold Weather Farm withe soap Oct 2015

Dancing Crane Farm

Dancing Crane Farm is a small family owned property located in Skandia, MI. During our brief growing season they work to bring the local community a full selection of organically grown vegetables and fruits. In addition to produce they offer a large selection of fresh roasted fair-trade organic coffee.
Dancing Crane Farm coffee

Dukes Farm

Dukes Farm sells vegetables and other fresh food products grown on three acres in Skandia Township, Michigan. Dukes Farm offers CSA-style vegetable boxes, sells to area growers and participates in area farmers markets throughout the season. All products are naturally grown and local.

Ever Yielding Acres

Ever Yielding Acres is a medium-sized farm located in Skandia, Michigan committed to growing as organic as possible. It offers a diverse selection of products such as many varieties of vegetables, eggs, breads, jams and maple syrup brought to you fresh from the farm. Ever Yielding Acres Gooseberries
  Ever Yielding Acres Christmas tree in a stand on display

Greens & Things

Greens & Things is your local micro-green producer.  Greens & Things strives to offer the freshest and most nutrient dense micro-greens, and only uses water, soil, sunlight and seeds to grow. The micro-greens can be purchased living (you take them home & harvest as desired) or packaged and ready to eat. Greens & Things greens