Farmers & Growers

Guindon Farms

Guindon Farms produces Organic Certified 100% Grass Finished Beef. They have been retailing meat since 1987 and the farm has been Certified Organic since 2006. Matt and Barb work together on their 160 acre family farm, passed down from Barb’s father. All animals are born and raised on the farm or by Keith LaChapelle in Rock who works with Matt and is Certified Organic. Guindon Farms is located 62 miles south of Marquette, in Cornell. Since 2015 they have produced maple syrup in large enough quantities to sell some at the market.

Hannah’s Garden

Hannah’s Garden selects the varieties she grows based on their flavor and capacity for success in our short growing season, using many heirlooms and a few hybrids. Hannah's Grden full tables


Jeffrey Heidtman

Jeffrey Heidtman raises a variety of organic produce and flowers on his one acre farm. He specializes in growing perennial, annual cut flowers, and fresh herbs. Jeff collects seeds from his perennial gardens and purchases seeds to offer perennial plants hardy for this climate zone.

New Dalton Farm

New Dalton Farm is located 15 miles from the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. All vegetables, fruit and flowers are harvested 15 hours or less from the opening time of the market to ensure optimum freshness. We are chemical free, only using compost, worm castings and crop rotation to grow quality products. New Dalton Farm sunflowers in bucket on display


Reh-Morr Farm

Reh-Morr Farm is a small organic produce farm with two and a half acres under cultivation. They have three hoophouses, keep four beehives, and use draft horses for most of the farm work. Reh-Morr Farm quart jar honey

Rock River Farm


Rock River Farm is a small diversified operation serving the Central U.P. area. It offers naturally grown and raised produce, chickens and flowers.

Seeds & Spores Family Farm

Seeds & Spores Family Farm is a small, diversified farm in Marquette, Michigan. The farm is just two miles south of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They raise ten acres of produce, Shiitake & Oyster mushrooms, grass fed beef, pastured pork, chicken, turkey, and pasture raised eggs. Seeds & Spores strives to create an integrated farm organism. They do this by having a diverse mix of livestock, produce, fruit, and mushrooms. All of their produce and livestock are raised using natural and authentic farming techniques. They are creating a living, mineralized soil to grow healthy plants to nourish healthy people. Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or growth hormones are never used on their farm. Seeds & Spores Family Farm is committed to providing quality local food to help sustain the community and environment.


Shady Grove Farm U.P.

Shady Grove Farm is a small, diverse family farm, producing food with integrity. They are Certified Naturally Grown and utilize permaculture practices to produce chemical free food.
WoolyMama creates wool felt clothing using wool from Shady Grove Farm sheep.