Vendor List

2017 Season Vendors

Bean Pole Farm
variety of vegetables
Black River Blades
Hand forged knives
BSB Farm
Poultry and Eggs
Daydream Farms
Hot peppers, vegetables and apples
Donckers/Delft Bistro
Signature candies
Dukes Farm
Produce, Flowers
Full Plate Farm
Gourd Art by Elaine
Bird Houses, bowls and various holiday items made exclusively from gourds
Heritage Farm
Eggs, Wool, Honey and Goat Milk Lotion and Soap
J.B. Crafts
Wood Crafts, Fishing Flies
Jeffrey Heidtman
Produce, Cut Flowers, Perennials
Lakeside Bakery
variety of baked goods
Marquette Baking Company
Breads, Baked Goods
Marquette Expressions
Greeting Cards
New Dalton Farm
Seasonal vegetables, eggs, maple syrup
Pea Pickle Farm
Beeswax Candles, Bodycare Products, hand crafted books
Rock River Farm
Vegetables, Flowers
Seeds & Spores Family Farm
Produce, Pork, Beef, Eggs, Maple Syrup, Transplants
Shanti Jewelers
Slagle’s Family Farm
Produce, Meat, Maple Syrup, Egg
Superior Culture
Swanzy Farm
Produce, Honey
Treasa’s Treasures
Produce, Plants, Eggs, Dried Goods, Baked Goods, Jams/Jellies, Woven Rugs
Trenary Loam-Grown & For Goodness Cakes!
Produce, Flowers, Baked Goods
Trillium Turnings
Wood Turnings
UP North Roast
Coffee Beans, Roasted Nuts
Virgin Earth Farm
variety of vegetables and wood-burnt art
Winter Sky Wool Co.
Wool, Knit Goods
Yooper Yummies+
cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, sweet breads and more

2017 Daily Vendors

Bandeff Farm
Sweet Corn
Baskets 2 Use
Handmade baskets
David Grimes
Woodwork, lamps, coat trees
Northern Sky Orchard
The Phoenician Soap Company
Handcrafted artisan soaps and lotions
Sha Renee Designs
A-symetrical jewelry
Tea & Crumpets
Tea, Herbal Infusions and Blends, Baked Goods and Flowers
Speciality plants, jams and jewelry
U.P. Roc Doc
Lapidary Jewelry with Silver Smithing

featured recipe

Market Stir fry

With the summer produce available in abundance we are featuring it in a series of food demonstrations during the market. We have had Pesto making by Gabriel Caplett of Duke’s Farm and Market Stir fry by Leanne Hatfield assisted by Aleut Hatfield of Seeds and Spores Family Farm. This Saturday  Andrew Sear from Diggs will be guest chef at the market this week. He will be highlighting quick pickling techniques as a way to enjoy and preserve the summer bounty. The full menu from last weeks demonstration is here: Seeds & Spores 8-12-17

Veggie Saute

Onions – slice
Savory Cabbage – slice
Fennel – chop
Peppers – mix of green, red, yellow and purple – chop
Zucchini – mix of green, striped, yellow and patty pan – chop
Green Beans – chop
Fresh Basil and Marjoram – chop
The important first step to create a quality stir fry is to wash, slice, chop all the vegetables prior to beginning to cook.
Add the sliced onions and savoy cabbage to hot pan with olive oil. Cook lightly, add the rest of the chopped veggies, stirring to cook. Cook to your desired texture. Remove the pan from the heat, season with salt and add the fresh herbs. the onions and cabbage may be slightly caramelized, but it is important not to overcook the remaining vegetables. The goal is to retain flavors, textures and colors. To finish off the stir fry, top with chopped fresh heirloom tomatoes and Crispy Kale.

Pan Roasted Crispy Kale

Wash and dry the kale. Remove the leaves from the thick center stem. Chop, then add the kale to a  hot, dry cast iron pan. Stir until it begins to get crispy, then stir in some olive oil (just a bit, you do not want it saturated or soggy) and salt before removing from the heat.