Beleaf Bodycare

Beleaf Bodycare, operated by a former salon and spa owner, was created as an alternative to industry products that contain harmful ingredients. Beleaf Bodycare is a natural line of body care infused with organic Argan oil, natural ingredients and botanicals. Be-leaf Bodycare inside display

Davin’s Chocolates

Davin’s Chocolates is the upper peninsula’s only producer of chocolate made directly from the cocoa bean.  They roasts the beans, grinds, tempers and molds all the chocolate in-house using organic, fair trade ingredients to assure the finest quality candies available.


Donckers restaurant, old time soda fountain, candy and gift shop provides food, flavor and fun with an emphasis on creative, fresh, natural food. Donckers offers unique and specialty candies and gifts.

Herbal Oasis Bodycare

Herbal Oasis Bodycare creates truly natural and organic aromatherapy based body care products for women, men children and pets. Herbal Oasis provided

Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is a family owned business located in Trout Creek, Michigan. In operation since 2006, we make goat milk and honey lotion, soap and fiber products in the most natural way possible from our diverse herd. Heritage Farm 7-6-13

Marquette Baking Company

Marquette Baking Company hand-crafts a wide variety of sourdough and slowly fermented breads and rolls. We apply the same care and meticulous craftsmanship to our cookies, cakes and pastries. All of our products are made with organic flours.

Mother Mary’s Canning Company

Mother Mary’s Canning Company uses only fresh produce from Michigan farmers. They go directly to the farmer and their hand-packed, small batch products are in the jar shortly after being harvested. Look for pickled asparagus, pickled hot asparagus bits, asparagus salsa, pickled beets, corn relish, bread and butter pickles, harvest relish, beet horseradish relish, applesauce, apple butter, jams and jellies.
Mother Mary's Canning Company at market

Trenary Loam-Grown/For Goodness Cakes

Trenary Loam-Grown is a small farm in Southwest Alger County practicing naturally-grown farming techniques. The main crop is Brussels Sprouts, sold October through December. Trenary Loam-Grown Brussels Sprouts larg bags
For Goodness Cakes! offers a variety of cakes and scones throughout the market season.