December 8 at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market

There are still 2 weeks to shop at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. The market season continues every Saturday  9 am – 1 pm at the Marquette Commons through December 15.
The market has moved into the Commons building. Shop directly from the grower/producer each week for your fresh Upper Peninsula grown food and beautiful artisan goods to stock up for winter and prepare for delicious holiday meals and fabulous, unique gifts.

Power of Produce, children’s programming. All children ages 4-12 are invited to participate.  Children will receive $2.00 to shop for their own choice of produce.
Power of Produce is sponsored by:
Upper Peninsula Health Plan, Orthodontic Specialists of Marquette, Lions Club of Ishpeming and Lions Club of Negaunee, ACHIEVE of Marquette County. We are very grateful for our sponsors and are excited to pilot this program at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market this season.
The list of small business that will be vendors at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market December 8:
 Black River Blades
Dan Choszczyk, Artist
Handcrafted knives of all varieties, culinary, hunting… hand-crafted from re-purposed steel.
End of the Road Winery
Robin Barker, owner
Cold Climate, Upper Peninsula grown fruit used to make wine and wine jellies. Perfect for holiday meals and gifts.
  Ever Yielding Acres
Charles and Miriam DeVooght, Farmers
All varieties meat, eggs, maple syrup. Also, Christmas Trees, sold in Downtown Marquette! How convenient.
 For Goodness Cakes
Kathleen Heinonen, Baker
Variety of delicious small cakes.


 Full Plate Farm
Laura Brosius and Joe Franich, Farmers
Hoophouses for Health Farm.
Full Plate Farm is a small, chemical-free farm located in Skandia, Michigan specializing in mixed produce and fruit production.
 Good For You
Kay Presensky, Artist
Warm mittens made from upcycled wool sweaters, Upper Peninsula decorated hot pads, driftwood art.


 Hannah’s Garden
Hannah Brisson, Farmer
Jam, garlic, fresh cut wreaths and greens. Saffron bread and cardamon bread. Selection of Christmas cookies. 


 Heritage Farm:
Tom and Rebecca Ferrell, Farmers
Lotions and soaps, made with goat milk from the goats on their farm. Socks and hats made using the wool from their llama and goats.
Jeffrey Heidtman
Jeff Heidtman, Farmer
Flowers, centerpieces, wreaths and arrangements made with flowers and fauna grown on his farm.


Marquette Expressions:
Maggie Haupt, Artist
Hand-made greeting cards and gift labels.
Mighty Soil Farm
Kathryn Debs and Joe Newman, Farmers
Local produce grown at the MSU Experimental Farm in Chatham.
 Pea Pickle Farm
Leslie Allen, Artist
Hand crafted Beeswax and Bayberry wax candles. May sizes and shapes, including tapers, votive and tea lights.
The bright flame of a bees wax produces the same beautiful light spectrum as the sun.  As the candle burns, negative ions are emitted that clean the air and, in turn, invigorate the body.

Rock River Farm
Rowan and Shailah Bunce, Farmers
Seasonal produce, flowers, wreaths and arrangement created with flowers grown on their farm.
Ronnie’ Art
Ron Morgan, Artist
Paintings of Marquette landmark buildings and landscapes. Originals, prints and note cards of his work are available.
 Seeds & Spores Family Farm
Jeff, Leanne and family, Farmers
Seasonal produce, meat, eggs and mushrooms. Everything is grown from seed to harvest at the farm using authentic farming techniques. Soup, muffins and hand pies from the farm kitchen.
   Tonella Farms
Ryan Leary, Farmer
Variety of cultivated mushrooms, winter squash.
Susan Morse-Olson, Artist
Flower pedal products created using historic processes with apothecary roses. Products include flower pedal jellies and handmade rose-bead jewelry.
Treated With Love
Mandy Mosley, baker
Vegan treats for dogs.
Winter Sky Wool Company
Karen Valley, Farmer
Yarn and knit product from Karen’s Sheep’s award winning wool.
Wooly Mama
Libby Buchler, Artist
Hand-made, felted, apparel made with the wool from the sheep from their Shady Grove Farm. Items include, dresses, hats, mittens and footwear.






December 1

Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is open Saturdays 9-1 at the Marquette Commons 112 S. Third St. through December 15.
Make the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market one of your stops while you are out and about and Downtown Saturday mornings. The market season continues for 3 more weeks! Vendors are inside so shoppers will be protected from the cold fall weather, the fire place will be on.
Come see us.
Plenty of fresh produce, find your favorite fall vegetables!
Look for lots of delicious winter squash, onions, carrots,  fresh greens and lots of other veggies, eggs and meat.
Below is the list of  Vendors that will be at the market.
Power of Produce children’s programming
continues. All children ages 4-12 years old are invited to participate. Each week kids receive $2.00 in Power of Produce bucks to make their own choice of fresh fruits and vegetables, meet the farmers and explore the market.
Power of Produce will be distributed at the Market Cashier window inside the Marquette Commons building.
Sponsors of Power of Produce:

Orthodontic Specialists of Marquette Lions Club of Ishpeming Lions Club of Negaunee 
 ARK Wood Products
Ron Klumb, Artist
Household, toys and garden products made from cedar.
 Bandolier International
Jeffrey Pruitt, Artist
Original paintings, acrylic on canvas.
 Borealis Bakery
Anja Wiedenhoefer, Baker
Providing goods made with wholesome ingredients to fuel and nourish every body!


 Davin’s Chocolates
Davin Makela, creator
Bean-to-Bar chocolate bars, hot chocolate.
Ever Yielding Acres:
Charles and Miriam DeVooght, farmers
Produce, all kinds of meat, eggs, maple syrup. Order your turkey for Christmas. Whole and half birds available. Naturally cured hams and other meats also available. Christmas trees, too.
 For Goodness Cakes:
Kathleen Heinonen, Baker
Scones, brownies, carrot cakes, chocolates cakes-small and medium size.
FreshWind Farm
Kerry Sherbinow, Farmer
Hoophouses for Health Farmer.

Full Plate Farm
Laura Brosius and Joe Franich, Farmers
Full Plate Farm is a small, chemical-free farm located in Skandia, Michigan specializing in mixed produce and fruit production.

Hannah’s Garden
Hannah Brisson, Farmer
Homemade jam, garlic and wreaths



Heritage Farm
Tom and Rebecca Ferrell, Farmers
Goats milk and honey lotions and soaps, made with ingredients from their farm.
JB Crafts
Jim Boxer, Artist
Bird houses, bird feeders, games and fishing flies.
 Jeff Heidtman, Farmer
Wreaths and centerpieces created with greens and dried flowers from his farm.
Marquette Expressions
Maggie Haupt, Artist
Handmade greeting cards.
 Mighty Soil Farm: Kathryn Debs and Joe Newman, farmers
Seasonal produce.
 Rock Metal Fire Jewelry
by: Jean Sinervo, Artist
What if … What if I used rocks, metal, and fire to make something … and you liked it and wanted to wear it? … Just wondering …
Rock River Farm
Rowan & Shailah Bunce, Farmers
Wreaths, paperwhite planters, bulb kits, centerpieces, potters herbs and holly.
  Ronnie’s Art
Ron Morgan, Artist
Original artwork and prints and notecards.
 Seeds & Spores Family Farm:
Jeff and Leanne Hatfield and family, Farmers
Variety of upper peninsula grown produce, eggs, pasture raised meat and delicious, ready to eat treats from the farm kitchen.
 Superior Culture
Alex Rowland, Owner,
We’re all about producing tasty health beverages made from fermented teas and organic raw fruit juices without the wheatgrass and superciliousness.
  Treated With Love
Mandy Mosley, Baker
Vegan dog treats.
Tonella Farms
Ryan Leary, Farmer
Tonella Farms is a small, diversified farm established in March 2017. Our current focus is mushrooms, establishing a mixed fruit orchard, and annual vegetables.
Hoophouses for Health Farmer.
Susan Olson-Morse, Artist
Scented geraniums, African violets, Sweet Bay Trees, jellies, Michigan stone jewelry.
 UP North Roast
Jacob Cass, Roaster/Owner
Whole bean and ground coffee. The green beans are roasted, fresh in Escanaba. Roasted nuts.
 Winter Sky Wool Company
Karen Valley Farmer
Yarn and knitted products made from her sheep.






It’s Time, Market Season Begins Saturday, May 26

The banners are going up, opening day is Saturday May 26
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Spring Color
Spring Crunch, just hanging around
Spring in a carriage.


Vendor Applications for the 2018 Season

Applications for the 2018 season of the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market will be accepted throughout the season and accepted vendors scheduled as space is available.  The applications are set up in three parts, pages 1-6 are for vendor reference, please read carefully and keep. Pages 7-10 are designed to be filled in electronically and e-mailed back to the Market Manager, please fill out completely. The W-9 only needs to be filled out and returned by new vendors. We are looking forward to a spectacular season.

vendor App p 1-6 2018

vendor App fillable 2018

W9 fillable


Thank You for a Fabulous 2017 Farmers Market Season

Wintertime, dreaming of summer favorite things. The Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is a favorite Saturday morning destination for residents and visitors. Those of us who operate or sell at the market are extremely grateful for all the support. Here is a quick review of the year  with some of my favorite photos.

When we see the banners
go up in the spring
we know market opening day
is not far away!
The opening market is filled with vibrant greens, the promise of delicious food and many warm days to come.
The vendors have been preparing for months to be stocked and ready for the season. They are so happy to see the crowds and get the season off the ground.
There are more than edible greens at the market in early spring!
Sweet maple syrup is actually the first product harvested of the year. While the snow is still on the ground and the nights are cold, but the day are beginning to warm the maple trees wake up from their long winter nap. With a tap, the sap flows. Heated ’til it glows, syrup emerges.
The first fruits of the season arrive before the fourth of July and their juicy sweet flavors are so welcomed and treasured.
The Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is filled with fantastic farmers, 35 of them at least and also, amazing artisans who showcase their talents in many ways.
Area musicians share their talents on Saturday morning to the delight of market visitors.
As the temperatures heat up, so does the produce.

You can’t beet it, get to

 the market any way you can!

When it is hot or even if its not,
a frozen pop can’t be topped.The market is filled with locally produced food for you to use at home in meal prep, but when you are hungry at the market or don’t have time to cook, there is food ready to eat at the market and meals prepared with market sourced ingredients you can take home and heat up when it is meal time.
Meat of all varieties are sold the the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. Purchasing meat at the market allows you to talk to the farmer to choose the best cut for your meal and have confidence on how and where it was raised and processed.
A cold brew with your b-b-q, you betcha!

More brews worth the queue. Actually, you can choose hot, cold or nitro coffee from various vendors at the market.

Coffee tastes better with a sweet accompaniment.
Sweet not your style? These savory breadsticks let you chew on something while you make your first lap around the market.
There is nothing like tasting the produce to help you learn how to use something new to you.
Produce is especially bountiful in the fall. Many shapes, colors, sizes and textures. Stock up to get you through the winter.
Kale for eating all season,
kale for decoration in late fall.
When the seasons change and you are looking for decorating greens and you want something lasting to get you through the winter, the market is the place to shop.



2016 season wraps up

What a fast year! Thank you for your support. The Downtown Marquette Farmers Market 2016 season was open May 21-December 17. During those 31 weeks , more than 75 independently owned small business participated, providing employment for over over 200 people. Farmer vendors sold Michigan grown small farm produced fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey and maple syrup. Food producing vendors sold Michigan produced mustard, pickled vegetables, baked goods, locally roasted coffee beans, chocolate and jams. Artisans made bees wax candles, personal care products, wood crafts, custom knives. jewelry, stationary products, fiber goods, rain barrels, metal art, water colors, decorations, bags. $31,000. worth of food assistance was distributed through 5 types of programs at the market throughout the season, SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC Project FRESH, Senior Market FRESH and Hoophouses for Health. 20 programs were offered including food preparation demonstrations, nutrition information, wood turning and corn shelling. Variety of musicians played for 22 weeks.
Applications for the 2017 season will be available by early March. A workshop on Michigan Cottage Food Laws will be offered in April. There is always room for new vendors. Participation in the market can be as little as 1 week, to full season. give some thought to being self employed or making a passion of yours become a small business. Contact Myra Zyburt, Market Manager at 906-362-3276 for additional information.

Some snapshots of the year.

Mean Jean Mustard Susan Grimes rustic lamps
U.P. Roc Doc Ever Yielding Acres Christmas tree in a stand on display
Judy Berglund hand knitted felted ornaments Be-leaf Bodycare inside display
cherries, stock image Odds & Ends
gourd art, bird houses, Gourds by Elaine 5-28-16 Marquette Expressions
honey cropped quart jars corn sweet in large bucket 9-5-15
Birchleaf design outside kohlrabi
Wolly Mama products Greens & Things greens
birdhouse wood Marquette Baking Company July 6, 2013 015
Davin's Chocolates with info signs cropped Bean Pole Farm display inside 11-7-15
wood turned bowls at market Trillium Turnings fireplace on in Commons with books
Knit-inPublic logo rock-river-parsnips
jeff-heidtman-wreath-winterberry baskets-2-use-inside
ron-with-art heritage-farm-inside-2015
black-river-blades-finger-hook-knives jean-sinervo-more-stocking-stuffer-jewelry
pork-cold-weather-farm-5-28-16 trenary-loam-grown-brussels-sprouts
winter-sky-wool-cropped-scarves-on-chair pea-pickle-farm-display
metal signs cropped Yoop
Ever Yielding Acres Gooseberries dufb-logo
snap-sign-cropped h4h-sign-single



December 17 at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market

The 2016 season of the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market wraps up this Saturday December 17. The market will be open 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., 24 vendors will be inside and outside around the Marquette Commons building. What will you find at the market to help in your holiday preparations and winter?  Festive menu food,  seasonal decorations, unique, gift giving quality items, storage food, and much more. 10 farmers, 4 food producers and 10 artisans will be at the market.
Double Up Food Bucks will be available for distribution with SNAP benefits. Cash, credit/debit cards will be accepted a well. (Hoophouses for Health vouchers are fully distributed.) If you have Hoophouses for Health vouchers, please spend them, 2 farmers are accepting H4H vouchers. The coupons expire at the end of the market.
Market vendors for December 17

Black River Blades:
creates custom, hand-forged blades and cutlery knives from re-claimed materials, carbon and tool steel. Every aspect of each knife is forged or styled by hand including the guards, caps and wood All handles are natural wood, antler or a combination of these materials. Kitchen, hunting, fishing, survival, fantasy, throwing and decorative blades as well as period reproduction pieces can be ordered. Black River Blades are made right here in the upper peninsula on the Black River, for the past 15 years and are guaranteed for life.
Cold Weather Farm: Hoophouses for Health farm that raises pigs, lambs, chickens and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. pork-cold-weather-farm-5-28-16
Davin’s Chocolates:
is the Upper Peninsula’s only producer of chocolate made directly from the cocoa bean. Davin’s Chocolates purchases raw, fair-trade, organic cocoa beans,  roasts the beans, grind, temper and mold all the chocolate in house to assure the finest quality candies available.
Ever Yielding Acres:
works to meet the needs of their customers year round with all types of meats, fresh eggs, seasonal fresh produce, pure maple syrup and Christmas trees.
Gourd Art by Elaine: bowls, bird houses and various holiday themed items made out of gourds. gourd-art-seasonal
 Hannah’s Garden:
selects the varieties of vegetables to grow based on their flavor and capacity for success in the short growing season.
Herbal Oasis: 100% natural and organically-based, aromatherapy herbal body products for women, men, children and pets  Herbal Oasis provided
JB Crafts: Bird houses and bird feeders, fly fishing ties and shut box games.  birdhouse-wood
Jean Sinervo:
original artist designed and created jewelry and accessories: copper, silver, bronze, brass, including gemstones, vitreous enamel, recycled and re-purposed local materials and themes. Copper bells.
Jeffrey Heidtman:
seed to bloom is Jeff’s passion. Raising beautiful flowers and native, nostalgic perennials to beautify your landscape and home.
Marquette Expressions:
handmade greeting cards for everyday life and other paper products.
 Mother Mary’s Canning Company: uses only fresh produce from Michigan farmers to produce hand-packed, small batch pickled vegetables, reminiscent of a time when grandma’s shelves where stocked with delicious, homemade recipes.  mother-marys-full-display
  Native Sister Soap: exceptionally beautiful, luxurious, artisan soap, body butters and candles  lotion Native Sister 5-28-16
Seeds & Spores Family Farm:  For the last 18 years, Seeds and Spores Family Farm has been committed to providing nutrient dense, high quality, organically grown food for our local community. Our Certified Naturally Grown products include a diverse variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, culinary and medicinal herbs, maple syrup, eggs, pastured raised pork and grass fed beef. We also sell organic fertilizers, soil amendments, livestock minerals and freshly ground organic chicken and hog feed. seeds-spores-inside-with-sign-2015
 Sincerely: is a small local business focused on simple, natural and organic products for everyday use; soy candles, body care products, wood crafts, knit/crocheted/sewn goods.  Sincerely shelf with name
Sweet bay plants, scented geraniums, African violets and unique jewelry.
Trenary Loam-Grown/For Goodness Cakes:
is a small, naturally-grown farm in southwest Alger County. The main crop is Brussels Sprouts, available October and November. For Goodness Cakes! offers a variety of cakes and scones throughout the market season.
U.P. North Roast:
Fresh roasted coffee beans sold in bags and brewed coffee sold by the cup. Roasted, glazed almonds and pecans sold by the bag.
 Virgin Earth Farm:
a Marquette County farm producing several vegetables including potatoes, root vegetables and cucumbers. Organic growing practices strictly followed.
Winter Sky Wool Company: locally bred, award winning sheep flock is the source of the wool that is used to produce hand-spun yarns, knitted goods, woven shawls. winter-sky-wool-cropped-scarves-on-chair
fireplace-with-library-crate  Come inside, relax and warm up by the fireplace. Share a book with a youngster.
 snap-sign-cropped  Michigan Bridge Card: accepted at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market.
 dufb-logo Double Up Food Bucks: given when you use your Michigan Bridge Card at the market. Matching up to $20./market day.
h4h-sign-single Hoophouses for Health: use your vouchers with participating farmers  Cold Weather Farm.
market today signs on commons  commons-building-view-from-w-main-st
 heaters heater-large-cropped


December 10 at the market

December 10 and the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is going strong! 26 vendors will be at the market; 12 farmers, 2 food producers and 12 artisans.  Shop Saturday at the Market and Downtown Marquette, your Christmas Shopping Headquarters. You will fabulous stocking stuffers, unique gifts, delicious festive menu food, meat and storage vegetables to help get you thorough the winter. Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is open the next 2 Saturdays, through December 17. Vendors will be inside and outside around the Marquette Commons building, 9:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Cash, credit/debit cards accepted. SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks distributed. Hoophouses for Health vouchers accepted with participating farmers.

Baskets 2 Use: variety of baskets designed to use, such aspack baskets. fishing creels, quivers, bread baskets, nut baskets, cheese baskets and more. baskets-2-use-inside
Bean Pole Farm: a highly diversified small-scale vegetable farm with a mission to provide a full farm-to-table experience including quality, nutrient-dense produce, a whole-diet variety of crops and meaningful interactive relationships with customers. bean-pole-farm-squash-display
Birchleaf Designs: Inspire imagination with handmade, natural toys and housewares from BirchLeaf designs. birchleaf-designs-mobiles
Black River Blades:
creates custom, hand-forged blades and cutlery knives from re-claimed materials, carbon and tool steel. Every aspect of each knife is forged or styled by hand including the guards, caps and wood All handles are natural wood, antler or a combination of these materials. Kitchen, hunting, fishing, survival, fantasy, throwing and decorative blades as well as period reproduction pieces can be ordered. Black River Blades are made right here in the upper peninsula on the Black River, for the past 15 years and are guaranteed for life.
Davin’s Chocolates: The Upper Peninsula’s only bean-to-bar chocolate maker. I use organic cocoa beans that I roast, grind and refine with other organic ingredients. davins-chocolates-with-info-signs-cropped
Ever Yielding Acres:  is a small farm in Skandia providing local homegrown produce, meat, pumpkins, and Christmas trees.  beakfast-meat-eggs-maple-syrup
 Hannah’s Garden: selects varieties, including many heirlooms, to grow based on their flavor and capacity for success in our short growing season.  hannahs-garden-inside-late-fall
 Heritage Farm: is a family owned business in Trout Creek, MI. We make goat milk and honey lotion, soap and fiber products with our diverse herd of goats.  heritage-farm-inside-2015
Jean Sinervo: Original artist designed and created jewelry and accessories: Copper, silver, bronze, brass, including gemstones, vitreous enamel, recycled and re-purposed local materials and themes. Copper bells.  jean-sinervo-more-stocking-stuffer-jewelry
Jeffrey Heidtman: Seed to bloom is Jeff’s passion. Raising beautiful native flowers and nostalgic perennials for creative arrangements to beautify your home. jeff-heidtman-wreath-winterberry
 JB Crafts: cedar log birdhouses and bird feeders, bat houses, pine shut box game hand tied fishing flies. birdhouse-wood
Marquette Expressions:
handmade greeting cards and other paper products for everyday life.
Native Sister Soap: Exceptionally beautiful, world class soap, luxurious body butters and non-toxic soy candles. native-sister-display-inside
Pea Pickle Farm: Making and selling natural beeswax candles and ornaments sometimes with cinnamon, charms, beads, and more … pea-pickle-farm-display
 Rock River Farm: Rock River Farm cultivates 8 acres, providing fresh produce, flowers, poultry, pork, and compost for the surrounding area.
Rock River Farm also caters and provides flowers for local events.
Ronnie’s Art: Watercolor and acrylic paints, prints and note cards of historic Marquette landmarks and other Marquette scenes. ron-with-art
Seeds & Spores Family Farm:
Seeds and Spores is a diverse family farm located south of Marquette on the banks of the Chocolay River. Our main focus is growing 10 acres of mixed vegetables. We raise heritage breed hogs and Scottish Highland and Red Angus cattle, as well as laying hens, broiler chickens, and turkeys. In addition, we grow medicinal plants and shiitake and oyster mushrooms.
 Sha Renee Designs: jewelry designed with metal and stone focal pieces and a-symmetrical accents.  sha-renee-designs-products
 Shady Grove Farm: is a small, diverse, family farm producing food with integrity and clothing from the wool of the sheep raised on the farm.  shady-grove-farm-wool-boots
Slagle’s Family Farm: We are growers of farm fresh produce, pork, free range eggs, and greenhouse plants. We attend the Marquette and Iron Mountain Farmer’s Market. slagle-family-farm-variety
Sincerely: is a small local business focused on simple, natural and organic products for everyday use.
Soy candles, body care products, wood crafts, knit/crocheted/sewn goods.
Sincerely shelf with name
 Swanzy Farm: small family farm by Swanzy Lake, three and a half miles of the grid, growing vegetables, gathering berries and producing honey.  swanzy-farm-honey-and-potatoes-with-les-and-sue
Trenary Loam-Grown/For Goodness Cakes: is a small farm in southwest Alger County. The main crop is Brussels sprouts, naturally-grown and available in November/December. For Goodness cakes features banana cakes, carrot cakes, fruit and lemon curd cakes. trenary-loam-grown-brussels-sprouts
 UP North Roast: UP North Roast is a locally owned and operated company. Providing fresh, high quality coffee beans to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and beyond.  UP North Roast product
Virgin Earth Farm: a Marquette County farm producing vegetables following organic growing practices. This week featuring very sweet purple carrots, large Danvers carrots, rainbow and orange baby carrots.  Parsley root which can be eaten raw or cooked similarly as carrots.  Also have Scorzonera if someone want to try something different.  Still have some collards.  I also have a few new wood-burnt pictures. virgin-earth-parsley-root
Winter Sky Wool Company: a locally breed, award winning sheep flock provides the wool that is used to create the finished products. winter-sky-wool-cropped-scarves-on-chair
snap-sign-cropped  Michigan Bridge Cards are accepted at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. Use your benefits for anything editable at the market.
dufb-logo Double Up Food Bucks are distributed to customers using their Michigan Bridge Card at the market. Through a grant from the Fair Food Network, Downtown Marquette Farmers Market will match, up to $20.00 per day to customers using their Michigan Bridge Card at the market.
h4h-sign-single Hoophouses for Health vouchers are accepted at participating farmers,  Rock River Farm, Slagle’s Family Farm, and Cold Weather Farm.
 fireplace on in Commons with books  Sit, relax and warm up by the fireplace, share a book with a youngster.
 market-in-atrium  market-inside
 heaters  heater-large-cropped



Winner of the Apple Pie Baking Contest

Congratulations to Lindsey Waggoner, her Salted Caramel Apple Pie was chosen as the winning pie. The judges commented it was hard to choose, all of the pies submitted were very good. Thank you to all of the participants and judges.

pie-6-lindsey-cropped pie-6-winner-contest
Salted Caramel Apple Pie 9″ pie
Crust: (classic Crisco Pie Crust)
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 stick Crisco baking stick
6-8 Tablespoons iced water
Combine flour & salt, cut in shortening, add water until combined, form into 2 discs, wrap in plastic wrap, refrigerate for 1 hour. Roll out 1 disc and place in 9″ pie pan.  Roll out 2nd disc.
Salted Caramel Sauce:
1 cup sugar
6 tablespoons butter, cubed
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 heavy cream
1 teaspoon sea salt (after pie is baked)
Cook sugar over medium heat, stirring constantly until brown & dissolved – do not burn! Add butter, then vanilla; boil for 1 minute, then add cream. Let cool.
6-7 Braeburn apples, peeled, cored & chopped
3/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
dash ground cloves
1 Tablespoon clear jel
Mix sugar, flour, cloves and clear jel. Add to apples. Place apple mixture in prepared pie plate. Pour 1/2 cup caramel sauce over filling.
Top with 2nd rolled crust. Crimp edges. Brush with egg wash. Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for about 1 hour. Let cool then drizzle with more caramel sauce and sprinkle with turbinado sugar and pink Himalayan sea salt.



2016 Apple Pie Contest, to be held October 15

Its coming! Pie season. A delicious time of the year. Get ready for the Annual Apple Pie contest at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market, to be held Saturday, October 15.

Here is how it will work.

Those interested in participating will prepare their pie entry at home and bring it to the Marquette Commons building, already baked, between 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Once your pie is registered you will leave the building. Judging will begin at 10:45 a.m. When the judges have made their decisions, the contestants may return to the Commons room to find out who won and to taste pies, yum!

  1. Amateur bakers only
  2. Bring pie ready for judging. (No baking available at the Commons)
  3. Submitted pie is to be the sole work of the entrant, pie must be from scratch (crust and filling)
  4. All Pies must contain apples and have a crust (It is a pie contest, please only enter a pie)
  5. All parts of the submitted entry must be edible.
  6. Along with your pie, bring a copy of the recipe and a serving utensil.
  7. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place.
  8. The Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is not responsible for any items left behind at the end of the event.
apples-in-a-bushel-basket apple-pie-image-w-apples