Wednesday Evening Market September 18, 2019

Wednesday Evening Farmers Market

Add some sunshine to your evening, shop at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. Great food. Summer is colliding with fall. There are still plenty of tomatoes, corn and all the favorite summer veggies and the fall produce is coming in too. Bright orange pumpkins and other winter squash, onions, celery. Delicious meat and eggs. Everything you need.

Who is going to be at the market? What can you expect?

10 Hardworking, excited vendors will be at the Wednesday Evening Market in Downtown Marquette 5 pm to 7 pm through September 25.
9 farmers,  1 food producer.
Cash, credit/debit cards, WIC Project FRESH, Senior Market FRESH, SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks and Hoophouses for Health distributed/accepted.
Live Music by Nathan Meadows and friends.

 Laura Brosius, Farmer
Full Plate Farm
Variety of locally raised produce and eggs
Shailah and Rowan Bunce, Farmers
Rock River Farm
Locally raised flowers and variety of produce
 Trevor Case, Farmer
Case Country Farm
Locally raised pork, variety of produce. Case Country Brats, Pulled pork sandwiches.
 Kathryn Debs, Joe Newman Farmers
Mighty Soil Farm
Variety of locally grown, organic produce
 Josh Hall, Farmer
Swampy Acres Farm
Variety of locally grown produce, eggs and garden ammendeties
  Jeff and Leanne Hatfield, Farmers
Seeds & Spores Family Farm
Variety of locally grown produce, grass grazed beef, and pork.
Selection of prepared foods using farm grown products.
 Jonathan Parsons, Farmer
UProoted Farm
Variety of locally grown produce, including beautiful pumpkins.
Alex Rowland, Brewer
Superior Culture
Live Music:
Maria Lynn