To support local farmers, growers, and artisans; to make available wholesome, quality food and goods, and to provide a festive marketplace that benefits the Marquette Community.

The Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is sponsored by the Marquette Downtown Development Authority

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Looking ahead to September 3 at the Market

Market open 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at Marquette Commons, 112 S. Third St. through December 17

Accept: Cash, Credit/debit cards, SNAP, Project/Market FRESH
Distribute Double Up Food Bucks and Hoophouses for Health

 cashier picture
Live music 10-1: Green Gene Green Gene 6-29-13
Programming: Corn Shelling Demonstration by Treasa Sowa
A corn sheller is a hand-held device or a piece of machinery to shell corn kernels of the cob for feeding to livestock or for other uses.
 corn shelling maching treasa sowa
 Prepared Food: Dia de los Taco  Dia de los Taco truck
Gourd Art by Elaine  gourd art, Gourds by Elaine 5-28-16



August 27, at the market

Each week the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market is looking forward to all the customers, the delicious food and beautiful artisan products available at the market. Reminders, the market is open every Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m at the Marquette Commons, 112 S. Third St., through December 17. Regardless of the weather on Saturday’s, fabulous fresh local food is harvested and ready for you, as well as everything else you need to round out your weekly menu and set a beautiful table. The market accepts MI Bridge Card, and distributes Double Up Food Bucks, up to $20.00 per market day, as a matching grant when you use your MI Bridge Card at the market. Hoophouses for Health vouchers are distributed to qualified households, bring the Hoophouses for Health postcard you received from your child’s participating childcare organization. Visit the market kiosk to access these programs and receive market money for your credit or debit card. Project FRESH and Market FRESH coupons will be accepted through October 31, use those directly with the farmers. cashier picture

   August 27 at the market

Live music from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. provided by: Tyler Dettloff   Tyler Dettloff cropped
Copper Crust Pizza: Wood fired pizza  Copper Crust at market
 Programming: MSU Extention. Lynn Krah will have recipes and a Pressure Cooker Gauge Tester. If you use a pressure cooker, bring your gauge to be tested for accuracy, it only takes a few minutes.  pressure cooker gauge image
 Tomato Tasting: Sarah Monte, Marquette Food Co-op. Find your favorite! Tomatoes come in many colors, shapes, sizes and flavors  Shelter Bay Tomatoes cherry tomatoes 8-23-16
 In addition to the 47 season vendors that are at the market every week, we welcome these  Daily vendors
Bandeff Farm: sweet corn  sweet corn grilled cropped
 Cedar+ Swell: Handmade stationary, journals, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, jewelry and home decor and wall hangings.
Northern Sky Orchard: Upper Peninsula grown peaches, plums, pears and apples  Northern Sky Orchard 8-23-16 peaches cropped
 Sage & Spry: Chair massages, herbal salt soak, arnica muscle balm, sugar scrub and lip balm  Sage & Spry sugar scrub
Sincerely: a small, local business focused on simple, natural and organic products for everyday use.  Sincerely shelf with name
Sole Wisdom Reflexology: Sessions provide relaxation, relieve tension and help balance functions of the body So;e Wisdom Reflexology sign












featured recipe

sweet corn grilled

Grilling Summer Vegetables

Lots of fabulous vegetables are available at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market. Grilling them is a quick, easy way to enjoy summer veggies (and easy on the kitchen clean up).
Here is a reference chart form the Old Farmers Almanac website.

This quick how-to guide on grilling vegetables gives preparation and grilling time instructions to make delicious, healthy meals in 20 minutes or less.

Artichokes Cut in half lengthwise, press down on them to spread the leaves open. Rub with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. 15–20 minutes per side, or until base is tender.
Asparagus Roll spears in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 5–10 minutes; turn every few minutes until tender.
Corn Leave the stem and husk on. Pull back the husk, remove the silk, and soak for 15 minutes in cold water. Then carefully pull the husk back up, smoothing and twisting it if necessary so it stays closed. 10–20 minutes; turn several times.
Eggplant Cut in half lengthwise or into circles about ¼ inch thick. Brush with olive oil. 4–5 minutes per side.
Fennel Remove the stalks and cut the bulb in half lengthwise, or slice, keeping part of the root attached. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. (Lightly steam large bulbs before grilling.) 5–6 minutes per side.
Leeks Cut white portions in half lengthwise and wash well in warm water. Brush with olive oil. (Lightly steam large leeks before grilling.) 4–6 minutes per side.
Mushrooms Use large caps, such as Portobello. Brush with olive oil and slice after grilling. 8–10 minutes per side.
Onions Cut into ½-inch slices. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. 8–10 minutes per side.
Peppers Cut bell peppers in half lengthwise, remove seeds, and brush with olive oil. 6–10 minutes skin side down, then 3–4 minutes on the other side.
Summer Squash/Zucchini Cut into thirds or halves. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. 5–8 minutes per side.